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year: 2020
isbn: 9789042939349
e-isbn: 9789042939356
pages: LII-102 p.
Metrical Discourses on Faith by the Blessed Mar Ephrem
Translated, with Introduction and Notes

Ephrem the Syrian’s six Metrical Discourses on Faith reflect on issues central to or arising from the Arian controversy as it manifested in the Syriac-speaking churches: the unique status of the Son of God, the distinction between creator and creation, and especially the problem of human audacity in the quest for knowledge of God. Like Ephrem’s other works, these discourses are replete with biblical language and brimming with creative symbolism. However, being less terse and allusive in style than many of his other poems, they also serve as a crucial exposition of some of his most fundamental ideas and a relatively accessible introduction to his thought as a whole.
This is the first complete English translation of the whole collection, accompanied by a detailed introduction and copious explanatory notes.