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year: 2020
isbn: 9789042940048
e-isbn: 9789042940055
pages: XXII-270 p.
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Greek Paideia and Local Tradition in the Graeco-Roman East

In the ancient Graeco-Roman East different types of interaction between Greek and local cultures took place. The present book investigates them from different viewpoints in their different manifestations (education, language, literature, etc.), and in different geographical areas: Egypt, Syria, Pontus Cappadocia, Propontis, Bithynia, Phrygia, Pisidia or the whole of Asia Minor.
Did the Greek paideia intermingle with local traditions in the education of the local ruling classes? Did that have an impact on their prestige? Did this affect social classes? What were the extent and consequences of the linguistic contact between Greek and the local languages? Where there phenomena of Greek-local cultural translations or adaptations? What was the degree of penetration of the Greek literary models or topoi? How was the interaction of Greek paideia and the ancestral (local or regional) religions? What was the role of the Greek paideia as a signpost of identity? How did Greek and Latin coexist in this context?
To answer such questions, the different papers in the current volume study each of them from a particular point of view, paying attention to the evidence available.