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year: 2020
isbn: 9789042940796
e-isbn: 9789042940802
pages: VIII-226 p.
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Care Ethics and Phenomenology: a Contested Kinship

This book investigates the relationship between philosophical phenomenology and ethics of care. The relationship between these two traditions in normative philosophy is particularly fascinating for theoretical scholars, researchers as well as bioethicists and health care clinicians. Both traditions elucidate the normative significance of human experience, emotion and embodiment. One reason for investigating the relationship is that care is both a concept (ethical, sociological etc.), a practice, and a phenomenon that has significant bearing upon human existence. Care as a phenomenon and concept also regards the human condition and experience as being invested with normativity.

The book brings together care ethicists of different scholarly generations and from different countries (Belgium, Norway, USA, the Netherlands) who each explain their version of phenomenology, and secondly it includes three of today’s prominent German phenomenologists who have reflected on care. Hopefully, the collection will stimulate care ethicists to inquire more deeply into phenomenology, and phenomenologists looking for connection with care ethics.