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year: 2022
isbn: 9789042942479
e-isbn: 9789042942486
pages: XXXIV-1032 p.
Ionians in the West and East
Proceedings of the International Conference 'Ionians in East and West', Museu d'Arqueologia de Catalunya-Empuries, Empuries/L'Escala, Spain, 26-29 October, 2015

This volume publishes 34 papers, by a mixture of established and younger scholars, from the international conference 'Ionians in the East and West', organised by the Museu d'Arqueologia de Catalunya-Empuries, Spain, and held there in October 2015, It is arranged in four parts: 'Investigating Ionia' (literary sources, language, Clazomenae, Teos, Ephesus), 'Ionians, West and East' (pottery analysis, coins, mercenaries, ethnicity and identity, memory, Naukratis, etc.), 'Western Directions' (Italy, Sicily and Southern France, but predominantly Spain) and 'Eastern Directions' (all shores of the Black Sea). Some papers have a broad focus, others are confined to particular sites and discoveries. It is illustrated extensively. Most papers are in English.