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year: 2021
isbn: 9789042942707
e-isbn: 9789042942714
pages: 218 p.
Thorikos: Reports and Studies XII

Volume 12 of Thorikos Reports and Studies contains eleven contributions, authored or co-authored by more than 30 scholars currently involved in the multi-disciplinary archaeological project under way at Thorikos in Attica, Greece. Eight of the papers relate to the recent surveys undertaken on the site, and include methodological and technical aspects as well as discussions of the multi-faceted findings: the 2012-2017 survey of the southern Velatouri hill, the survey begun in 2018-2019 of the northern Velatouri, and related sondages and finds. Moreover, two other material contexts, previously excavated in the so-called Industrial Quarter at Thorikos, are explored in depth: House 1 and the olpai found here and elsewhere, including a discussion of foundation offerings, and Insula 10, discussing the attribution of the sacred structure identified here. A detailed study of Attic Final Protogeometric pottery of wider, regional interest is also included.