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year: 2020
isbn: 9789042942905
e-isbn: 9789042942912
pages: IV-354 p.
The 'Lectura Thomasina' in Its Context
Philosophical and Theological Issues

The present volume provides the first collection of studies devoted to the so-called Lectura Thomasina, a commentary on Peter Lombard’s Sentences written by William of Peter of Godin at the beginning of the 14th century. The conspicuous number of verbatim quotations from Thomas Aquinas’ writings makes the text very interesting: Godin does not aim at producing a mere collection of Aquinas’ dicta, but rather a sort of ‘Thomistic’ teaching handbook. A popular text, the Lectura Thomasina was fundamental to the spread of ‘Thomistic’ thought in the years leading up to his canonization.

The first section of the volume is devoted to a textual analysis of the Lectura Thomasina and its sources. The second section examines certain themes in Godin’s theology and philosophy. The last section focuses on his influence on the Dominican tradition.