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year: 2021
isbn: 9789042945579
e-isbn: 9789042945586
pages: X-229 p.
Henry of Ghent's «Summa»
The Questions on Human Knowledge (Articles 2-5)

The dominating theologian in Europe between Thomas Aquinas and John Duns Scotus, Henry of Ghent produced a massive Summa of Ordinary Questions as well as fifteen quodlibets during his long tenure at the University of Paris. His work constituted a new synthesis of faith and reason which competed with that of Thomas Aquinas and influenced the history of both philosophy and theology. The first five articles of the Summa, dealing with various issues associated with human knowledge, constitute an adequate introduction to Henry’s thought. In them we find his approach to fundamental principles and themes developed in detail in the rest of his corpus. Of the five, only article one has appeared as a whole in English translation. The next four articles reinforce and develop the findings of the first article, providing additional treatments that indicate Henry’s principles and orientation. In fact, these four articles alone provide a condensed but remarkably rich portrait of Henry’s basic thought, and so are an invaluable resource for beginning and advanced students alike. Articles 2–5 include important positions on knowledge and reality, a conception of humanity’s ultimate purpose and the pursuits most conducive to it, and an approach to faith and reason. These four articles are presented here for the first time in English translation with an introduction and notes. Along with the translation, the volume includes the Latin text of the modern critical edition.