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year: 2023
isbn: 9789042946705
e-isbn: 9789042946712
pages: VIII-194 p. + XXV pl.
Old Babylonian Texts from Dilbat, Sippar, and Other Places
Edited by M. Stol

In 1932 and 1939 F.M.Th. de Liagre Böhl (Professor of Assyriology at Leiden University) visited Iraq and bought many clay tablets, hundreds of which bear Old Babylonian texts: letters, contracts, and administrative documents. It was W.F. Leemans, specialist in that field, who was to publish the latter. His copies appeared in Volume One of the serial publication Tabulae cuneiformes a F.M.Th. de Liagre Böhl collectae Leidae conservatae (TLB I, four fascicles, 1954-1964). He made the texts accessible to the public by editing them in fascicles named Studia ad tabulas cuneiformes collectas a F.M.Th. de Liagre Böhl pertinentia (SLB). Many of them originate from Larsa and Lagaba. This is the fourth and last SLB fascicle.
Although Leemans finished the manuscript a few years before he died (1991), it has remained unpublished until now. Over the years, several specialists have reviewed the text and have made small but valuable additions. The final edition is now available in this book, appearing in the PIHANS series as Volume 132, with texts from Sippar and Dilbat, and other places.