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year: 2021
isbn: 9789042948846
e-isbn: 9789042948853
pages: XVI-763 p.
Beyond All Boundaries
Anatolia in the First Millennium BC
This book contains the proceedings of an international conference with a focus on Anatolia in the first millennium BC which took place on Monte Verità, Ascona in Switzerland, in 2018. The volume contains recent and thought-provoking research from diverse academic fields, bringing together historical, linguistic and archaeological lines of enquiry. The aim of the conference, to stimulate interdisciplinary debate and to close ever widening gaps between related fields, also motivates this volume. Thirty-one chapters in three languages address Anatolian matters 'Beyond All Boundaries' and present an essential contribution to the study of historical developments not only in Anatolia, but also in the neighbouring regions and the whole Mediterranean area in the first millennium BC.

This book is published open access. It can be downloaded here.