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year: 2023
isbn: 9789042950344
e-isbn: 9789042950351
pages: VI-482 p.
The Synoptic Problem 2022
Proceedings of the Loyola University Conference

This volume contains the proceedings of an international conference on the Synoptic Problem, originally scheduled to be held at Loyola University Chicago in 2020 but postponed and ultimately cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The papers to-be-read were prepared for publication and supplemented with an expanded cast of contributors. The conversation mostly presupposes Markan Priority. The mainstays of the discussion, the Two-Document and Farrer Hypotheses, are joined here by Matthean Posteriority, prominently represented in a conference on the Synoptic Problem for the first time. Particular attention is given to the role potentially played by the ancient compositional practices, source utilization, and media.