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year: 2023
isbn: 9789042950481
e-isbn: 9789042950498
pages: XCII-387 p.
Kindness, Courage, and Integrity in Biblical Texts and in the Politics of Biblical Interpretation
Festschrift Reimund Bieringer

This volume is intended to honour Reimund Bieringer at the occasion of his retirement from the position of Professor of New Testament Exegesis at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. Bieringer's contribution to scholarship, but also other manifold ways in which he has served the profession, have been characterised by an exceptional combination of attention to detail, passion for justice, integrity, courage, and kindness. The collection brings together essays in English and German by friends and colleagues exploring, but also problematising, kindness, courage, integrity, and related qualities, from a range of perspectives. In addition to contributions discussing specific exegetical problems, and focusing on how kindness, courage, integrity, or their aspects, are conceptualised, manifested, and valorised in select biblical texts and their reception, the collection also includes articles dealing with broader hermeneutical questions, as well as querying the role of kindness, courage, and integrity in the interpretive process and choices made by individuals and communities as interpreters.