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year: 2024
isbn: 9789042951815
e-isbn: 9789042951822
pages: XVIII-210 p.
New Trends in the Research on the Apocryphal Acts of Thomas
Much has been written on the Apocryphal Acts of Thomas since the work of Lipisus, Wright, and Bonnet. However, many of the crucial questions concerning the text remain still today open: When was the text composed? In which language was it written, Greek or Syriac? And most importantly, where in the ancient world did the text see the light? Also the nature and structure of the text remain in doubt: What is the nature of the text we have at our disposal? And how was it transmitted throughout the Middle Ages? The present volume intends to provide answers at least to some of these questions. Its title, New Trends in the Research on the Apocryphal Acts of Thomas, however, shows that it at the same time intends to break new ground in the analysis of the text, revising some old, vexed problems.

This book is published open access. It can be downloaded here.