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year: 2000
isbn: 9789062580897
pages: XII-299 p.
Rainfall and Agriculture in Northern Mesopotamia
Proceedings of the Third MOS Symposium (Leiden 1999)

The papers collected in Rainfall and Agriculture in Northern Mesopotamia contain new facts and ideas that will contribute to a better understanding of the ways in which agricultural production was organized in the rainfed zones of Ancient Mesopotamia. Four papers focus on the Balikh valley, but Mari, Central Assyria and Arrapha are also dealt with in this volume.
Contributors: S. Bottema, R.T.J. Cappers and W. van Zeist, Ch. Cavallo, J.G. Dercksen, G. van Driel, J. Fincke, R.M. Jas, B. Lafont, J.D. Lyon, K. Radner, F.A.M. Wiggermann and T.J. Wilkinson.