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year: 2004
isbn: 9789062581009
pages: XIV-212 p.
Zur Chronologie der Kaufmannsarchive aus der Schicht 2 des Karum Kanes
Studien und Materialien

As the title shows, the book is generally divided into two parts. The first chapters provide the reader with an outline towards the general situation of Old Assyrian archival studies followed by a study of 6 of the most important archives under a chronological point of view. Based on their occurrences in dated documents the most prominent members and partners of the firms in discussion are set into the chronological frame as given by the newly published Kültepe eponym lists. It is one of the intents of the study to lay the foundation for further work, e.g. research on the developments of prices, legal documents etc.
The second part of the book consists of extensive list with the references of the year- and week-eponyms from the published and numerous unpublished texts of Kārum Kaneš level 2. These are given in clearly arranged tables, with discussion of every single year-eponym. If known the family-relationships of each is given, so that many of the most important families of old Assyrian Assur become far better known than was possible before. Concordances between the Kültepe eponym lists, the Mari eponym chronicle and the new lists in this book are added. The book concludes with a chapter on the week-eponym (etymology, system) followed by the indices.