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year: 1991
isbn: 9789062582068
pages: X-601 p.
The Teachings of Sylvanus (Nag Hammadi Codex VII, 4)

This posthumously published book was finished by the late Dr. Jan Zandee, Professor-Emeritus in Egyptology and the history of ancient religions. The 'Teachings' had indeed his interest for many years of his scholarly life. In the present book, a magnum opus, his earlier and latest findings are summarized. This Nag Hammadi-tractate, a pseudepigraphon using the name of the companion of St. Paul, is written in the form of the ancient sapiential literature. The Greek original may date from the early third century, the Coptic codex VII was created about A.D. 340. The theme of the writing is the battle of the soul against evil and the final victory with the additional and decisive help of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. The author gives the Coptic text with translation and a rich commentary. Summaries, six excursusses and two indices (Greek and Coptic words) complete this fine book, a testimony of great learning.