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year: 1997
isbn: 9789062582105
pages: XX-475 p. + XXIV-56 p., 166 pl. (2 vol.)
The Coffin of Djedmonthuiufankh in the National Museum of Antiquities at Leiden I
Technical and Iconographic/Iconological Aspects

This book is an in-depth study of a XXIst-early XXIInd Dynasty anthropoid coffin. It is modelled on a combination of D.L. Clarke's analytical and E. Panofsky's iconographic/iconological approaches to archaeological and art historical data respectively. The introductory chapter is followed by an "Analytical Description" which consists of two parts. In "Technical Aspects" the data are handled typologically and statistically, and the coffin's place among its corpus is established. In "Iconographic Description and Analysis" all decorative motifs and individual (often unique) vignettes are studied in detail. The "Preliminary Iconological Synthesis" in which the coffin and its corpus are placed in the broad cultural-historical framework at Thebes, concludes this volume. The book contains tables, diagrams, and over 500 illustrations.