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year: 2010
isbn: 9789062584154
pages: XXIV-803 p. + DVD
The Ezida Temple of Borsippa
Priesthood, Cult, Archives

This book provides an insight into the world of the priests of the Ezida temple in Borsippa, covering the period when this sanctuary dedicated to the god Nabû was Babylonia’s second most important place of worship (c. 750-484 BC). The backbone of the book is the extensive corpus of cuneiform texts that these priests have left behind. Discovered in the 19th century, these archives have largely remained unstudied.
Apart from offering an edition of the texts (Part II), this study reconstructs the professional and social lives of Nabû’s priests, and outlines the workings of the cult of a major Babylonian deity (Part I).
A dvd-rom with digital photographs of edited texts is included.